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The production capacities of ESPC-2 will be strengthened by modern highly efficient steelmaking equipment.

A modern steelmaking furnace with a capacity of 6 tons, which will operate from a DC transformer, will make it possible to produce smelting without out-of-furnace treatment on a ladle furnace unit. This will lead to a significant increase in the volume of smelting shop.

Currently, in the furnace span of ESPC-2, equipment that is not involved in the technological process is being dismantled. These responsible works were entrusted to specialists of the repair shop for metallurgical equipment and ESPTs-2.

In the first days of February, the specialists of the Termolitmash Plant LLC plant will arrive at the site, who will conduct a foundation study and subsequently prepare the design documentation necessary for the installation of a new steelmaking furnace. It is expected that new equipment will begin to arrive at the enterprise in the spring of this year.

It should be noted that today in ESPTs-2 smelting of heat-resistant, structural, tool and stainless steels is carried out in arc steel-smelting furnaces, followed by fine-tuning of the chemical composition in the after-furnace treatment unit, as well as processing in the steel vacuum installation. The obtained ingots are either shipped as merchandise or delivered for subsequent processing to rolling No1 or to the hammer shop. Following the campaign to expand the brand and profile assortment, new types of steel and alloys are being mastered in the workshop, work is underway to improve the technology.

An article from the journal Zlatoust Metallurgical on January 31, 2019