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Zavod Termolitmash LLC produces and markets arc steelmaking furnaces of direct and alternating amperage with a capacity of 0.5 to 60 tons.

In recent years, Zavod Termolitmash LLC has successfully upgraded the designs of steelmaking furnaces, taking into account the world’s leading resource-saving technologies, and actively contributes to the development of domestic electrometallurgy.

Zavod Termolitmash LLC has built up many clients and has gained a reputation as a reliable, responsible partner providing customer-oriented services.

Currently, the company successfully operates in the Ukrainian, Russian and other foreign markets, commissioning modern steel equipment.

Electric arc furnaces of Zavod Termolitmash LLC for steelmaking are the main products of our company.

Our rich experience in the production, design and construction of electric arc furnaces for steel smelting has allowed us to create modern electric arc furnaces and equipment for them.

Maintenance costs are significantly reduced by providing the equipment with high-tech solutions that have a high degree of reliability and a long service life.

LLC Termolitmash Plant can design and provide a wide range of equipment, standard-type electric furnaces, as well as other equipment that meets the needs of customers.

We also provide furnace maintenance services, from the diagnosis of breakdowns of existing equipment to the reconstruction, updating and modernization of existing metallurgical plants and equipment



OJSC «DMZ», Donetsk, supply of an DC steelmaking arc furnace — 3.0, construction works. 2012.

PJSC «Novovolynsky Foundry», g. Novovolynsk, — delivery of the chipboard AC arc steelmaking furnace -3 and DSP-0.5.

PrJSC “KZGO”, Krivoy Rog — delivery of two furnaces AC arc steelmaking furnace -6

ARMZ LLC, Alexandria, supply of a AC arc steelmaking furnace -3.0 furnace (the project is at the completion stage).

PJSC «Druzhkovsky Machine-Building Plant», supply of a chipboard AC arc steelmaking furnace -12.0.

TD VMZ LLC, Dnipro, manufacture and supply of a AC arc steelmaking furnace -6.0 furnace, construction work (the project is at the completion stage).


“Metakom-SLZ Invest AD”, Pleven, delivery of steel-pouring ladles KS-12.0, in the amount of 2 pcs.


Arial Navard Company, Eivanaki — supply of an arc furnace, chipboard — 3.0. Construction of the workshop complex and all communications.

Isfahan Mittal Company, Isfahan, supply of an arc furnace, chipboard — 12.0


Supply for the state-owned enterprise Railways of Pakistan, two AC arc steelmaking furnaces -5.0 furnaces, development of a technical solution with the ability to operate two furnaces alternately on the same transformer. Construction of a new workshop and all communications (the project is at the completion stage).


Turnkey construction of a foundry for the production of square billets and fittings of different sections and configurations. As part of this order, we manufactured two DSP-15.0 furnaces, all auxiliary and main equipment, including a continuous metal filling line and a rolling mill, under the technical supervision of Siemens-VAI based in Linz, Austria, based on the design documentation of this company. The software was made by our specialists. Our company acted as a subcontractor in this project, but all work and equipment manufacturing was carried out by the personnel and technological capacities of our company.


Sverdlovsk Region: LLC UBM Foundry, Yekaterinburg — supply of ITPE-0.16-0.16TG2

Ulyanovsk Region: Solex LLC, Ulyanovsk Region, Dimitrovgrad — delivery of ITPE-0.25 / 0.35 TG1 (delivered in 2006)

Yaroslavl Region: Tutaevsky Motor Plant OJSC, Yaroslavl Region, Tutaev — delivery of ITPE-1.0 / 0.8 TG1

Novosibirsk Region: Sibimport LLC, Novosibirsk — delivery of ITPE-0.5 / 0.5 TG2

Moscow region: Progress Group LLC, Sergiev Posad — delivery of ITPE-0.65 / 0.4 TG1 2 sets

Chukotka Autonomous Okrug: LLC “Artel of Prospectors”, Chukotka, p. Komsomolsky — delivery of ITPE-1.0 / 0.8 TG1.

JSC Zlatoust Electrometallurgical Plant, supply of a DPPT-6.0 furnace, direct current, design work (the project is at the completion stage).

Tatarstan: CJSC PK-ZTEO, Naberezhnye Chelny — supply of ITPE-1.0 / 0.8 TG2, ITPE-1.0 / 0.8 TG1 BELARUS.

RUE “Minsk Tractor Plant”, Minsk — delivery of ITPE-0.16 / 0.16 TG1 2 sets


Baku Transformer Plant OJSC, Baku — delivery of ITPE-0.16 / 0.16 TG2; Ministry of Defense Industry of Baku — delivery of ITPE-0.5 / 0.5TG2; INU-100-10


Gamma LLP, Ekibastuz — delivery of ITPE-0.4 / 0.4 TG2 Donskoy GOK — a branch of OA TNK Kazchrome, Khromtau — delivery of ITPE-0.16 / 0.16 TG1 Atbasarsky LLP Mechanical Repair Plant ”, Atbasar — delivery of ITPE-0.25 / 0.25 TG2; ITPE0.8 / 0.65 TG1


JSC “Venibe”, Ukmerge — delivery of ITPE-0.25 / 0.25 TG2


Haus Hennig — ITPE-0 supply