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Ore-thermal direct-current arc furnaces

LLC “Termolitmash Plant” has the ability to design and manufacture ore-thermal direct-current arc furnaces, as well as carry out their repair, restoration of used equipment and commissioning of any type.

Ore-reduction and ore-smelting furnaces are the widest and most complex class of furnaces, differing in purpose, process features and design, type of power source, etc.

Ore-thermal furnaces are used in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy (for the smelting of ferroalloys, cast iron, copper and nickel mattes, production of fused refractories, synthetic slags), in the chemical industry (production of phosphorus, calcium carbide, etc.) and other industries, which is associated with high level of intensification of the melting processes, the flexibility of process control, as well as the ability to fully automate the process.

Depending on the purpose of the electric furnace, they are performed semi-closed, closed (with a hermetic arch), with a round stationary or rotating bath, electric furnaces in a rectangular or cylindrical design, with self-sintering, carbon and graphite electrodes, DC electric furnaces with a conductive hearth with one or two electrodes, in some cases, it is possible to tilt the electric furnace.

Electric furnaces are equipped with modern automated control systems equipped with sensors for monitoring the condition of the lining, hearth, walls and arch of the furnace, the presence of a skull on the inner surface of the lining, automatic control systems for sintering electrodes, electrode flow sensors, weight measuring systems for calculating and controlling the material balance of the smelting, composition control and the temperature of the exhaust gases, sensors measuring the presence of flow and temperature of cooling water and a number of other systems.