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DC Electric Arc Furnace (DC-EAF)

With a single long arc in its center, a DC electric arc furnace can be considered the final electric arc furnace.

The rotary coil system at the bottom of the DC electric arc furnace provides perfect control of arc deflection, as well as powerful mixing of melten steel.

We offer DC arc furnaces, which are equipped with:

long-lasting maintenance-free bottom electrode (2000-4000 heats).

Three phase control system

DC High Speed ​​Dual Electrode Arc Furnace

Electric arc furnaces in which direct reduction iron is used as the main raw material, etc.A DC two-electrode electric arc furnace uses a rotary coil at the bottom of the furnace to deliberately deflect the arc from the two electrodes toward the center.

This creates an optimal “hot spot” in the center of the furnace, which leads to a high melting rate.

Electronic control of the electrode provides:

  1. reliable power management;
  2. energy saving;
  3. Increase in active power to increase production;
  4. constant resistance;
  5. direct amperage;
  6. constant voltage;
  7. constant power factor;
  8. Shorter on-time to save energy;
  9. Reduced electrode consumption and breakdowns.