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AC Arc Furnace

The constructor solution of the company Termolitmash Plant LLC on particle board focuses on creating equipment for operation at maximum loads. The design of the furnace allows to obtain the necessary melting power, without violating the quality of the steel produced, as well as without compromising the reliability of the equipment, the environment and the general safety of all furnace operations.

A well-balanced housing design, improved water-cooled panels and solutions in the technology of foaming slag allowed us to realize the work of powerful arc furnaces.

  • Furnace volume from 0.5 to over 60 t
  • Swivel portal with arch on a shaft with a crown head or roller bearing
  • Copper conductors
  • Combined feedstock scheme (scrap metal, DRI / HBI, HotMetal)
  • The size of the melt mirror from 0% to 40% of the weight of the steel produced in accordance with the selected raw materials
  • From one to several baskets for loading
  • Individual design solutions and calculation of the production process technology in accordance with the assortment of filling and ligatures

Distinctive features of the designs of the company “Termolitmash Plant” LLC:

  • Less specific energy consumption, we have developed equipment to save energy costs from 50% per ton of molten metal per hour!
  • Modern technical solutions for integrated heating of scrap metal and raw materials
  • Reinforced design of water-cooled elements for increased safety and extended life
  • Integrated electrode monitoring system and process control
  • Integrated system to optimize furnace operation
  • Safe work
  • Furnace equipment that do not require complex power sources

An electric arc furnace can be used in the foundry and in metallurgical industries for the smelting of carbon and alloy steels and ferroalloys.