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Electric arc furnaces

Electric arc furnaces of Zavod Termolitmash LLC for steelmaking are the main products of our company.

Our rich experience in the production, design and construction of electric arc furnaces for steelmaking, accumulated since 1995, allowed us to create not only electric arc furnaces and auxiliary equipment, but also a wide range of metallurgical and operational technologies.

Electric arc furnaces of Zavod Termolitmash LLC are equipped with large-scale and powerful technology to realize the highest production indicators, which helps to reduce production costs.

Maintenance costs are significantly reduced by providing the equipment with high-tech solutions that have a high degree of reliability and a long service life.

LLC Termolitmash Plant can design and provide a wide range of equipment, standard-type electric furnaces, as well as auxiliary equipment that meets the needs of customers.

We also provide furnace maintenance services — from diagnostics of existing equipment to reconstruction, renovation and after-sales service — in accordance with the stage of the facility’s life cycle.