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Reconstruction of arc furnaces

Our company has extensive experience in the implementation of work related to the modernization, reconstruction of electric arc furnaces.

LLC Termolitmash Plant produces all types of foundry equipment repairs, including major repairs. Has the ability to extend the life of equipment that has worked out the estimated resource, in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

The list of rendered works and services:

  • restoration of used foundry equipment;
  • modernization of existing equipment;
  • launch of furnaces that have not been used for a long time;
  • installation and commissioning;
  • all types of repair of foundry equipment;
  • putting the equipment into operation after mothballing (de-mothballing).
  • replacing the mechanism for moving electrodes with electric motors with a modern mechanism for moving electrodes based on an electromechanical drive with a frequency converter, which allows for fast and sensitive regulation of the operation mode of the electric furnace;
  • replacement of the pumping station with a modern hydraulic unit, which ensures reliable operation of the electric furnace mechanisms. When working with elevated pressures, it becomes possible to reduce the size of the executive cylinders and plungers.
  • replacement of arches of electric furnaces with combined ones with a water-cooled central part;
  • modernization of the electric furnace control system. Transition to a modern microprocessor control system for an electric furnace, made using a modern and reliable element base. The modern control system of the electric furnace allows you to: control parameters and control the electric melting mode, taking into account technological factors; intensification systems for melting and foaming of slag, electric furnace actuators, control of parameters of water-cooled electric furnace elements; visualization of the process of melting and operation of equipment of electric furnaces.