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The parameters of electricity with which electric furnace transformers work and their design features differ significantly from conventional power transformers. Such differences are due to the peculiarities of the operation of electrothermal equipment used in metallurgy and other industries.

Electric transformers are manufactured in various designs for use with:

  • Arc Steel-Smelting Furnaces of various sizes and purposes;
  • induction furnaces (autotransformers);
  • other electrothermal equipment, for example, ladle furnace units.

Each device must have a sufficient resource to handle frequent operational short circuits and short-term overloads of 20-25% of the rated power. A wide range of secondary voltage is also required, which provides the correct power supply for different modes of operation of the consumer unit.


The main feature of furnace transformers is low secondary voltages at high currents. Such parameters are associated with the need to limit voltage fluctuations during operational short circuits that occur at certain stages of melting.

Therefore, it is important to calculate and design the EPT taking into account the short-circuit voltage. The multiplicity of the short-circuit current, the electrodynamic resistance of the device, fluctuations and voltage losses in the load mode depend on it. Operation of a transformer with an insufficient resource can lead to disruptions in the technological process and emergency situations on the side of the melting unit or its supply network.

From a design point of view, attention must be paid to the cooling system of the furnace transformer. As a rule, the EPT is placed as close as possible to the connected device. Therefore, operating conditions must be considered during the design phase of the chassis and cooling system.


We supply and manufacture standard electric furnace transformers and devices made according to individual technical specifications. The range of available models and resources of the enterprise allow us to manufacture the required number of transformers for metallurgical or chemical production of any scale.

The specialists of Zavod Termolitmash LLC develop, install and commission electric furnace transformers of any configuration: with one or three phases, load regulation devices, rectifiers and chokes. Repair and maintenance are also included in the list of services provided.

In the asset of LLC «Plant Termolitmash» there are many implemented projects in the CIS countries, Europe and abroad, and 25 years of experience with industrial equipment.