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LLC «Plant Termolitmash» modernizes control systems for electric arc steel-making furnaces and other electrothermal equipment. Such systems are suitable for installation on new equipment and for modernization of old ones.

Depending on the state of the equipment being operated, modernization may affect control systems and drives for moving electrodes. In any case, the customer is given a modern system that is not built on an obsolete electromechanical principle.

The high stability of the furnace, especially during the melting period, reduces the melting time by 10%, the specific power consumption is reduced by 35-45% (PROVED IN PRODUCTION PROCESSES).


In comparison with the solutions of the second half of the 20th century, modern control systems have many proven advantages:

  • 10% increase in melting speed.
  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 45% thanks to more accurate arc control.
  • Reduced electrode consumption by 22%.

With a decrease in energy consumption, the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere decreases. Together with an accurate calculation of the dimensions of the hearth, the nature of decomposition and the position of the electrodes in the furnace, the wear of the lining of the steelmaking furnace is also reduced.

A more precise control of the arc operating modes has a positive effect on the quality of the intermediate product. The combination of all these factors leads to an increase in the intervals between repairs.