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Continuous Casting Machine (CCM)

LLC Termolitmash Plant is developing a technology for modular and compact casting of billets to meet the needs of existing ingot manufacturing enterprises, which are ready to switch to the production of billets and new steel mills. It is suitable for injection molding with a size of only 5 tons, and there are modules for casting with a cross section from 80 mm x 80 mm to 150 mm x 150 mm, reduced operating costs and casting rollers that are simple and safe to operate.

  • Minimum transition time from the production of an existing ingot to the production of a workpiece with virtually no damage to the productivity of the existing plant
  • Flexible configuration with the possibility of gradation and expansion by adding modules
  • Significant economies of scale
  • Full support for direct rolling

Zavod Termolitmash LLC offers a wide range of radial castors with a base radius of R = 3-12m and curved caster with a multi-point bending system designed for casting cast steel in a continuous way and producing square billets in the range 60 * 60 mm — 450 * 450 mm