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Foundry  ladle — used for work with molten metals (steel, cast iron, non-ferrous alloys). Casting ladles are the main link providing the connection between the melting furnace and the foundry line. The goal of the casting ladle is to transport molten metal safely and efficiently.

The casting ladles we supply satisfy all the requirements of Industrial Safety Rules.

The traverse of the casting ladle is wrapped with insulating material, shielding is installed. The ladle suspension is also covered by heat shields. These protections reduce the thermal load from the nodes of the ladle and increase its durability.

In the design of the casting ladles , a standard factory gearbox is used, modified to a worm gear, this allows you to quickly perform aggregate repair. When the bucket is delivered to all rapidly wearing parts, product drawings are provided, and for purchased products — supplier contacts.

Casting ladles are delivered on request from the standard model range or according to individual Terms of Reference. The work  of the order starts only after coordination of the drawings by the Customer. This means that Zavod Termolitmash will supply a ladle  that will meet your expectations and that it will be able to solve your problems.

We are able to offer:

  • Ladles for transporting and pouring metal (steel, cast iron, aluminum, magnesium, zinc and their alloys)
  • Kettle ladles
  • Casting ladles for modification, production of ductile iron
  • Foundry ladles for desulfurization
  • Lock ladles
  • Drum ladles
  • Casting ladles for cast iron
  • Steel casting ladles with slide gate
  • Casting ladles with heat-insulating lid
  • Casting ladles with lower hook
  • Foundry ladles for forklifts
  • Ladles for automatic casting plants
  • Patterns for lining ladles
  • Installation of heating, drying, calcining the lining of the lock ladles
  • Repair and service (we offer fast and high-quality repair of foundry ladles in order to return your ladles to work as soon as possible)
  • Spare parts (production of spare parts is possible for all types of ladles and worm drives)