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Refining bucket

A ladle furnace (PC) is an important smelting equipment for refining molten steel from a primary melting furnace, such as an arc furnace and a converter. It serves to adjust the temperature of molten steel and, as a technological buffer between equipment for melting and casting, which meets the requirements for continuous casting and continuous rolling.

The ladle furnace is one of the main types of equipment for out-of-furnace processing.

The main functions of the ladle refining furnace are heating and temperature preservation. Liquid steel will receive new thermal energy during arc heating, which allows you to add alloys, adjust the composition and add slag-forming materials for deeper desulfurization and deoxidation. Thus, the temperature for continuous casting is guaranteed, which contributes to better workpiece quality.

Another important function of a ladle furnace is mixing argon. Argon is blown through the porous bricks at the bottom. For the entire installation, using a ladle refining furnace can speed up production rhythm and increase efficiency.


Increasingly, ladle furnaces are installed in envelope workshops and in steelmaking workshops with chipboard. LLC Termolitmash Plant offers technical solutions for each type of application of ladle furnaces. Thanks to the individual design, the ladle furnaces from Termolitmash Plant LLC are suitable even for the most stringent space requirements. Particular attention is paid to the requirements for ease of maintenance to ensure long and uninterrupted operation of the equipment. Ladle furnaces provide precise control of melt temperature and chemical composition, guaranteeing increased productivity, flexibility and quality.

Features and specifications:

  • Single or double stand (with a rotary portal)
  • Smelting volume from 0.5 to 300 t
  • There are various designs of the arch (pipe-to-pipe, with a flat inner surface, combined water-cooled)
  • Standard or suspended portal system
  • Bucket trolley with optional tiltable pallet and weighing device
  • Gas or electromagnetic agitated design
  • For metallurgical plants, foundries and ferroalloy plants

Design Features:

  • Furnace roof with a flat inner surface (steel plates or copper)
  • Quick-release guide blocks
  • Electrode control system
  • Easy access and maintenance
  • All accessories
  • They have three independent masts with electrodes; lifting is carried out independently.